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Large production runs are made easy with simultaneous

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 It is a 2-axis vertical design, meaning it is a space-saver that features superior accessibility and the added efficiency that comes with being able to access parts such as fly-wheels, brake drums and other movable parts.World-renowned and award-winning Mori Seiki continues to be an innovative industry leader with its line of CNC lathes. Mori Seiki CNC lathes offer more than just its NL series, with better performance, featuring and industry-first Built-in Motor Turret (BMT®), which allows turning of one class higher (along with greater rigidity), leading to higher productivity and less wear on tools. It is one-third the size of similarly equipped machines, making it ideal for a smaller-space situation.A Mori Seiki 2-axis entry is represented by the SL, CL and VL Series.


The CL Series offers basic heavy-duty chucking lathes with many different user or automated options. Featuring top-of-the-line cutting edge technology and offering a huge variety of sizes, center distances and different specs, makes them an ideal addition to your manufacturing operation. The SL features high performance and adaptability, able to be used for a large range of functions, from precise, one-off jobs, to heavy-duty large runs.Also available from the Mori Seiki CNC lathes line is the 4-axis CNC turbocharger shaft Lathe ZL Series, which features a four-axis workhorse that has two slides and twin turrets. It is an extremely adaptable machine, with many functions and uses. It features excellent vibration suppression ability, as well as a new gantry loader and bar feeder, and has a small footprint, leaving more floor space on your manufacturing blueprint. Large production runs are made easy with simultaneous machining and a gantry loader system. Offering the pinnacle of CNC lathe technology and capability, this is the Cadillac of Mori Seiki’s CNC line. The VL Series is a workhorse, durable for heavy-duty applications.


This line includes the 2-Turret Shaft Lathe NZ-S Series, with its superior machine travel, spindle out-put and feed-thrust force for smaller diameter work pieces, makes it an efficient, hard-working must have for smaller applications. Also available are 20-station turret specs covering a large variety of work pieces, including machining process pieces. Providing excellence in cost/profitability per use, it also features new milling specs with rotary tools, allowing for turning, followed by milling, drilling, tapping and more than one type of chucking.. Mori Seiki CNC lathes feature the most precise results and rigidity, superior multi-axis compatibility and a smaller footprint on your factory floor.


The turrets can be synchronized, offering superior production capability to manufacturers.There is also the 4-Axis CNC Lathe RL Series, which is a 2-spindle, 2-turrent twin setup that is compact and hard-hitting. Being of a smaller size, it adds to the available area around the machine, furthering its accessibility.Another award-winning entry in Mori Seiki’s line includes the Dura Turn Series, featuring a rigid body that includes roller guides, providing stable turns, and allowing it to stand up to hard use and lengthy operating times. The slant bed design gives high rigidity and a stable working surface.

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